The versatility, reliability, multi-user access and the ability to integrate with so many other software applications, especially with Microsoft Office family, makes Microsoft Access Relational Database, along with the incorporated Visual Basic for Applications programming language, the perfect choice to develop software solutions for a small mid-sized business or departments of large organizations.
Taking advantage of MS Access’ benefits, we created and continuously enhanced and improved, since 1995, a common development platform for our software applications, which incorporates very performing technologies as:

Database Dynamic Link System
Since program and data are separate parts of the same application, this system makes easy to link dynamically your program to application’s databases.

Links to external objects
Create easy links to external objects’ files (i.e. photos, MS Word and Excel, Adobe‘s .pdf etc.) and use Objects’ Files Addresses Recovery System to recover automatically their links in case the initial files’ addresses changed.

Data Transfer System
Export/Import data between application’s databases.

Multi-Currency System
Record amounts in local currency and get reports in the currency of your choice.

Multilingual System System
Choose dynamically and independently the languages for display interface and printouts. This is very helpful, especially for multinational companies, enabling users to operate the software applications in their local language whilst their bosses read the reports in a language of their knowledge. Also, the language selected for display interface will be used for the Multilingual Menu Driven System and the website like Multilingual Help System.

Taking advantage of Microsoft Access and our Development Platform benefits and having a long-term expertise and experience in developing specialized Custom Software Solutions, we created a family of ready to run Software Products of general use, each of them focusing on common requirements of our clients.
We offer you these robust, reliable, and easy to use products, with the strong belief that you’ll find them suitable for your business.