bSmart Suite is the perfect choice to strengthen your personal relations with other people, either to promote your business or simply to maintain a friendship.
Working in a multilingual, stand-alone or multi-users environment, manage your contacts, their up to 4 different anniversaries, relative costs and feedback, regardless the currency. Use events (milestones) and recurring alarms to monitor the evolution of your relationships. Find at a glance contacts by using keywords. A plenty of reports and printouts, from labels and business cards to most complex, will keep you and your bosses informed on the relevant activities.
Also, take advantage of the offerings of bSmart Today software, which provides you, immediately, all necessary daily information regarding anniversaries or events, as well as a quick access to contacts’ data, printing of business cards and a quick search of the contacts using keywords.
Choose between Enterprise Edition*, suitable for medium to large organizations, or Standard Edition** for home and small offices.

* Until activation bSmart Today component of the suite is disabled and bSmart Enterprise runs as bSmart Standard.
** Until activation bSmart Today component of the suite is disabled.

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Standard Edition
Enterprise Edition


bSmart Today

Standard vs. Enterprise Edition Features



Group the contacts in categories (business, friends etc.).
Record contacts data enabling previously the “Persons’ duplicates finder” feature to avoid enter twice the same contact. Record both office and home addresses’ data. Import office data using the Companies book. Link external objects (photos, documents, etc.). Enter anniversaries’ dates and keywords indicating where the contact would be helpful for you.

Contacts’ searching
Find easy any contact by remembering at least a part of his last or first name, company, town or country or enter * to see all. Find up to 4 different anniversaries. Find out at a glance, the contacts that can help you on a certain matter.

 You may add for more selective searching: categories, personal data, rank etc. Get reports grouped by name, company or country. Print them as short lists, office data, business cards or labels


contacts list, only

Print labels selectively, choosing either a range or a certain contact. Select the labels’ sheet format and set directly in the displayed pattern the position of the first available label on the sheet. Choose either the office or home contact’s address and set the rows to be printed.

Select the language for display and printouts, choosing the appropriate language among English, French, Greek or Romanian.

Record gifts’ suppliers data and their categories of products. Find easy the suppliers for a certain category, you are looking for. Set the categories of gifts (birthday, Christmas etc.). Record the date, contact, category, supplier, description, quantity, unit price and currency of the gift. Find expenses in a time period. Monitor the status of the gift’s forwarding. Keep track of acknowledgments, feedback.

Corporate Gifts. Define rank categories and assign each contact to one rank category. Record the date, category, supplier, description, unit price and currency of the corporate gift. Assign the selected corporate gift to one rank category and the gift will be recorded automatically to each contact who belongs to that rank category.

Multi Currency
Record amounts in local currency and report in the currency of your choice.

Gifts Complex Search
Find gifts by searching selectively in a period of time, by categories of gifts and contacts and optionally by gifts’ forwarding status and supplier. Get reports grouped by company, gift’s category or supplier or print the relative labels. Find also the feedback by searching selective in a period of time, by categories of gifts and contacts. Get reports grouped by company or gift’s category.

Data Transfer
Export/Import contacts’ data and optionally the related expenses and events to/from “bSmart” compatible databases. In this way a team’s users who work locally can update a central database.
Synchronize with Microsoft Outlook contacts.

Creating Events and Recurring Alarms, represents a powerful tool which will remind you any time activities or facts done or to be done in a period of time. More than that you may link each event to an object file (picture, Word , Excel, Adobe Acrobat’s .pdf etc.).

Companies’ Book
For repeatedly used companies required in the Management of persons subsystem, you may record separately their data.

Powerful and reliable system for management and recovery the external objects’ links.