DocMaster offers superior performance, reliability and versatility in creating and managing business documents. Multilingual samples and templates will help beginner and experienced legal practitioners to increase the productivity and reduce the processing time.

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Contracting parties

Record person’s data using the special switch for individual or legal entity. Avoid recording twice the same person, using the “Persons’ duplicates finder”. Find easy the person you are looking for, by remembering only a part of the person’s first or last name, city or country, or enter * to see all of them and select the appropriate one. Find also the “Inactive persons” that mean the persons who were never referred as contracting parties in any document.


Group the documents as regards the issue to which they belong to. Find easy the issue by entering only a part of the issue’s name or * and select it from list. Find also the “Inactive issues” that mean the issues which were never referred.


Work on defined by you multilingual templates and use as samples: the already created documents which have been marked as samples, the about 1,000 samples of the built-in Samples Book database where you can add your own samples or edit the existent ones, or create your own Samples Books and simply connect them one by one with DocMaster.
Also, use the basket folder where you may collect appropriate document files for future use.


Set optionally the sub-folder and name of the MS Word document file to be created. So you’ll have the possibility to process the document outside of DocMaster, also. Select the appropriate document’s issue, type and category. Choose the appropriate template (contract, letter or fax in the appropriate language). Select the relevant contracting parties (up to six) and their data will be automatically inserted in the document’s text.


Find easy the document you are looking for, by remembering only a part of the person’s first or last name, city or country and a part of the name of the issue to which the document belongs. Enter * in case you remember none of them and select from lists.


For each document you may add related events (milestones) and their external linked objects (i.e. scanned documents that you use to complete your work).

Links Recovery

Powerful and reliable system for management and recovery of links between DocMaster and the created MS Word documents files and with the events’ objects files.


Select the language for display, printouts, samples and for templates, choosing the appropriate language among English, French, Greek or Romanian.

Data Transfer

Export/Import all data to/from “DocMaster” compatible databases.