easyFind helps you to archive documents in binders and cabinets. So, at a glance you can pick up the needed document from its physical location or alternatively  see immediately the relevant document on your display.

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Record the country and customer’s name and avoid to record twice the same customer by using the “Persons’ duplicates finder”. Find easy the customer you are looking for. Choose from lists the customer’s country and then the specific customer.

Documents’ Searching

Find documents, within a time period, using complex search criteria: select, optionally, the project, sender, receiver and fill out parts of the names of the contact persons, reference, keywords and indicate the if the document is In or Out. You’ll get full information about the documents you are looking for both on screen and in printed form.


Record the country and project’s name. Select from lists the customer, and enter the project’s start date and deadline. Find projects choosing from lists the project’s country and then the specific project.

Data Transfer

Export/Import all data or select optionally only those referring to a certain project to/from “easyFind” compatible databases. In this way a team’s users who work locally can update a central database.


Record the documents specifications, indicating country and project’s name, select the sender and receiver of the document, eventually contact persons’ data, reference and document’s date, optionally the subject and keywords. Indicate if the document is either In or Out and the place where the document is kept (filing cabinet and binder). Also, you can link to an external object file (i.e. the original scanned document).

Links Recovery

Powerful and reliable system for management and recovery the external objects’ links.