Orders Supervisor is suitable for product or sales managers. It helps monitoring customers’ orders.
Working in a multi-users and multi-currency environment, you’ll get for a time period, full reports grouped by countries, customers, products and currency.

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Record the country and customer’s name and avoid to record twice the same customer by using the “Persons’ duplicates finder”. Find easy the customer you are looking for. Choose from lists the customer’s country and then the specific customer.


Search selectively in a time period the relevant events.


Record the product’ name, internal code, specifications and also link to external object file. Find product choosing from list.

Multi Currency

Record amounts in local currency and report in the currency of your choice.


Record the order’s date and SN. Select from lists the customer. Link to external object file (i.e. scanned order). Select the currency. Enumerate the ordered products indicating quantity and unit price. You can even add related events and create for each of them a link to external object file. Find orders in a time period.

Data Transfer

Export/Import all data or select optionally only those referring to a certain customer to/from “Orders Supervisor” compatible databases. In this way a team’s users who work locally can update a central database.

Orders Searching

Find orders, within a time period, using more complex search criteria: select, optionally, the customer, product and the currency. You’ll get detailed or summary reports grouped by customer or products with totals per customers and countries.

Links Recovery

Powerful and reliable system for management and recovery the external objects’ links.