On our site you can order both physical (tangible) products as well as non tangible (virtual) products (ex. services, software licenses etc.). We’ll point out the differences below:
To make purchases on our Online Store you do not need to register however, we suggest you create an account to access exclusive areas and services dedicated to our customers.
Advantages to be registered user:
-See anytime your orders’ status.
-Especially for business entities. Edit and update, once, your data to be included in the invoice (if you ask for) you’ll receive upon the completion of the order. In this way you’ll avoid to repeatedly fill out your invoice’s data during each checkout process.

Item search
To easily browse our catalog, select a category from the navigation menu or browse our selections on the homepage. To find something more specific, use our filters or the website search option.

How to order
1.On the product page add the product to your Cart. or click the Buy now button to go directly to checkout.
2.Once you have finished shopping, click on View Cart to verify your Cart.
3. You can increase/decrease the quantity of each product (tangible products). After any change click Update Cart. Also you can remove entire product or empty entire cart.
Note: You can order only one virtual product per order.
4.Click on Proceed to Checkout.
-Fill out the BILLING DETAILS fields (unregistered users, only).
-Choose the commercial document you want to receive. The Receipt will include the BILLING DETAILS data while the Invoice the data which you fill out in Invoice’s fields (unregistered users, only).
Note: For Registered users the above data have already been stored, so change them where necessary.
5.In case that the shipping address differs from that in BILLING DETAILS, click-mark Ship to a different address? (tangible products)
6.Choose the Shipping method. Zone shipping fees change depending on the value of State/County field in Ship to a different address? (if click-marked), otherwise that from BILLING DETAILS (tangible products)
7.Select the Payment method. Some payment methods may imply additional fees.
8.Check that the information you entered is correct and click Place order.

After a few minutes you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the details of your order.

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We are sorry, but once an order has been confirmed, it is processed automatically and cannot be canceled. The package can be returned as indicated in our Return Policy.

Of course! You can navigate the mobile-optimized version of our website

Unfortunately not. Each order is processed automatically and once it has been confirmed, it is not possible to modify the details. To purchase additional items, you must place a new order. To return any items please refer to our Return Policy.

Order Status

Order being currently processing:
The order has been confirmed and we have already sent a confirmation e-mail with the Order Number and Date.

Order has shipped: (tangible products)
As soon as the order is placed it is shipped from our warehouse and we will send you a confirmation e-mail with the Tracking Number. Track the delivery directly from e-mail following the link to the courier.
Registered users can also track the delivery following the link My Orders and clicking the button Track of the order.

Order is completed:
As soon as the order is complete, i.e.the payment has been fulfilled, you’ll be notified by e-mail. As attachments you’ll find also the corresponding Receipt or Invoice (depends on your previous option).
Also, for tangible products will be attached the Return Form and the Return Shipping Label.
Registered users can find all information related to their orders following the link My Orders .

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Check your spam folder. Make sure that our e-mails are in the safe senders list of your e-mail account. This will prevent the anti-spam filter from blocking future communications.

If this doesn’t work please contact us as there may be errors with the email address you registered with.


Technical Help

Our website is best viewed with the latest versions of the major browsers. Make sure that you have installed the most updated versions of the browsers that you most frequently use.

If you experience navigation problems, we suggest that you:
•Eliminate any Cookies and Temporary Files from your computer
•Check that Javascript is enabled.

If the problem persists, please contact us with the following details:

•Your operating system (Windows Vista, Mac OS X, etc.)
•Internet browser and version (Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Safari,…)
•The URL that you were trying to access.

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Until an order is Checkout, items added to your Cart remain available on the website and can be viewed and purchased by other customers. If this should happen before you click Place order, you will receive a notification that the items are no longer available.