An e-shop is an online business that sells a variety of goods and services. E-shops are business-to-consumer oriented. They are just like a retail store but instead of having a physical location, its location is on the internet.
The benefits of an e-shop are that customers can shop anytime what they want without having to go anywhere.
An e-shop should be clean and simple so that the customer can concentrate on the product to make a good decision. It should be easy for the customer to find the product they are looking for, get product information, see the product price, and to get assistance if he or she needs help.

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We recommend solutions & techniques for a competitive & profitable e-Shops.
Come to build together your e-Shop, that fit to your business model, in order to convert its visitors to your online customers.


Sell anything, anywhere. From real products and digital downloads to subscriptions, content and even your time, you’ll be able to sell worldwide (or by country, as you wish).
Mobile friendly. Our implementation is designed to ensure your store and products look as good on a desktop computer as they do on your customers’ mobile phones.
Search Engine Optimisation. We implement best practices so that your e-Shop pages are easily found by the search engines.
Set the default currency. Choose from a range of currencies as your default currency.
Geo-location support. Built-in geolocation support (with a page caching support option) allows your store to auto-detect your customer’s address – making shipping and tax calculations simpler.
Users accounts. Allow visitors to generate their username from their email, easing the account creation process.
Automatic passwords. Decide if you want to automatically generate users’ password for their accounts.
Discount coupons and codes. Choose from fixed value or percentage off coupons. Allow for free shipping through the use of coupons and set the date a coupon should expire and can no longer be used.
Choose the coupon type you need. Cart discount (a fixed total discount for the entire cart), cart percentage discount (a percentage discount for the entire cart), product discount (a fixed total discount for selected products only), product percentage discount (a percentage discount for selected products only).
One-click refunds. By using the Simplify Commerce, PayPal payment gateway or any other supported gateway, you can offer pain-free refunds to customers.
Website promotion. In the footer of any page there are links to the social media, where the site is promoted.

Shipping Calculations. Enable shipping option choices within your store.
Cart Calculator. You can enable a shipping calculator on the cart page.
Flexible shipping destinations. Select from shipping address and billing address or only ship to users billing address.
Restrict sales. Restrict shipping locations by country.
Multiple Shipping Methods. Flat rate, International Shipping, Local delivery, Local pickup or Automatic which chooses the cheapest method available. Or even offer free shipping.
Multiple Shipping Zones. Create multiple shipping zones and add any combination of shipping methods to any single zone.
Shipping prices. Optionally hide shipping costs until an address is entered.
Automatic change. Shipping costs change according to the Administrator’s settings for shipping zones costs and shipping address given by the Visitor / User.
Shipping Tracking. Visitors / Users, on the completion of the order, are notified by email about the shipping status. The same information can be accessed by the users in their account.

Custom tax calculations. Taxes can be calculated based on your customer’s shipping address, billing address or your stores base address.
Geo-location enabled taxes. Based on your location, WooCommerce can automatically calculate major country and state tax rates.
Automatic taxes. Geolocating the “Default Customer Location” coupled with the ability to show taxes in your store based on their location allows you to show relevant prices storewide.
Select customer address. Allow your store to select your customer’s address from either none as default, your store’s base address or by geolocating the customer’s address.
Control tax classes. Optionally control which tax class shipping gets, or leave it so shipping tax is based on the cart items themselves.
Control the display of taxes in your store. Select if prices are displayed in the shop excluding or including tax. Select if prices are displayed during cart and check excluding or including tax and select if tax totals are displayed itemised or totalled.
Define tax rates. Choose from standard rates, reduced rate rates or zero tax rates.

Product types. Simple Product, Grouped Product, External/Affiliate Product, Variable Product and Virtual/Downloadable Product.
For Variable Product
Attributes. Our system lets you offer a set of variations (attributes) on a product with control over prices, stock, image, and more for each variation (i.e. for a product like a shirt, you can offer variations as: Color (blue, red etc.), Size (small, medium etc.) Brand (brand-A, brand-B etc.).
Populate.To speed up the process of populating with variable products, it is possible to import them in batch from MS Excel documents, where the characteristics of the base product and its variations are entered by columns (name, description, product code, image files names, price, initial quantity etc.).
SKUs. Automatic generation of variations codes from the base product code and the values of the attributes of variations.
Filters. Adaptive Products filter per products category. The displayed attributes’ values (as color, size, brand) are limited to that products’ category, only. The attributes’ values for the products out of stock are not clickable.
Size Guide. On each product page is implemented the relevant Size Guide.
For All Product Types
On Product Page. Images -Select images sizes for catalog, single product and thumbnails. Selectively enable a lightbox for product images. Gallery of 3 images per product. One main and two secondary, Sliders ( Up-sells, Related products) and Videos.
Add products. The same system as the above for variable products accordingly adapted for the other product types.
Bulk management. Centralized management of all products and their characteristics.
Products Returns. Management system for products’ returns.
Wishlist. Is accessible for Users, only.
Inventory management. You can manage your store’s inventory easily, track stock levels, hold stock for a period if an order is cancelled, receive notifications to a custom email address (for both low and out of stock items), hide out-of-stock items and more.
Product reviews. Enable or disable the ability for people to leave product reviews on your store.
Owner verification. Choose to allow reviews from verified customers only and show a verified customer label for reviews.
Analyse products and orders. Gain insight into your products and orders. Track sales and growth trends.
Product. Promotion. Product info it can be sent by the Visitor / User to third parties through the social media links available on each product page

Receipt or Invoice. The Visitor / User may choose to receive by email a Receipt or Invoice in pdf format on the completion of the order. Also, Users will find this document in their account and can store the data for further use.
Payments. 3 methods are provided: Direct Bank Transfer, Cash on Delivery and PayPal. Payment by direct debit/credit card is possible, depending on the needs of the e-Shop owners and the requirements of the bank they work with.

To Visitor / User. By email, to each Placement of Order and to order completed where are attached the Receipt/Invoice and Return forms that are downloadable, and the link to the courier company for tracking the shipping.
Users can view / download the above documents by accessing their account.
To site Administrator. By Email for each new order.